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Why do You Need Car Insurance?

Having car insurance is a must and it has become a legal requirement if you have a car or so. On the other hand, auto insurance will help you to get the right portion of coverage, financial protection, and other things that will benefit you when your car got damaged. Other than that, the drivers could get a cover too along with passengers, pedestrians, and property. Since the accident happened, it is important that you are financially covered.

Why is it necessary?

You may purchase a new car recommend on the market or the one recommended by your friend but you also need to equip it with auto insurance. This thing is essential because it will cover most expenses related to the vehicle damage, driver injuries, and other injuries of pedestrians or passengers. Other than that, insurance will provide financial support in case your vehicle got stolen. You need to legally declare if your vehicle is off the road if you do not want to insure your car.

What if I’m not insured?

Driving a car without auto insurance is an illegal action. You could be disqualified or fined from driving for sure. Keep in mind that the maximum fine has no limit. On the other hand, you will get at least six penalty points right on your license. Right now, the government is reviewing the penalties given for uninsured drivers who involved in accidents or even kill during their driving activities.

Types of car insurance

There are so many names of car insurance out there and you can choose one of them that seems to benefit you at the most. There are at least three levels of coverage you can choose before signing up on specific insurance for your new recommend car.

The third party is the minimum insurance required by law. However, the premiums and the total price you should pay is not necessarily the cheapest. It only covers property damages and injuries to other people.

The next type is the third party, fire, and theft. Other than the coverage we have stated earlier, it also covers the repairs and replacement of your car. It will also help you if your vehicle got stolen or damaged in a fire.

Comprehensive is the highest level of coverage. It will cover damages to your car and other property along with injured people involved in the accident. In the end, car insurance is anything you need when you have a car.

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